I’m passionate and enjoy solving problems through programming. Other interests include video games, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, pizza, and spicy food.

Chief Software Architect - Tidal Commerce

  • Bridge the gap between the non-technical side of business to the dev team.
  • Aide in business decision making by helping people understand trade-offs for technical decisions.
  • Provide input in executive meetings helping steer the company.
  • Manage dev team and process.
  • All Senior Web Developer responsibilities listed below.


Senior Web Developer - Tidal Commerce

  • Organize dev team to use agile.
  • Function as team lead and project manager.
  • Work with each of the team members to QA their code and give feedback based on requirements and architecture.
  • Go to person when someone has architecture questions.
  • Build test suite from 0 tests to over 900 tests.
  • Create and document a REST API for our dashboard using Stoplight and Laravel resources.
  • Establish QA and deployment procedures.
  • Setup our GitHub and Gitlab CI/CD environments.
  • Integrations with financial, risk management, and other types of systems using JSON and SOAP.
  • Maintain/setup production, demo, and staging servers as needed (AWS, Forge, Digital Ocean).

Senior Web Developer - envisionit

  • Implemented new features for Laravel SAAS app using industry best practices.
  • Expanded Laravel test suite from 300 to over 1200 PHPUnit tests greatly reducing time spent fixing defects.
  • Advised and assist implementation with strategy for application testing.
  • Introduced industry standards and best practices both non-technical and technical (testing, agile, architecture).
  • Assisted project manager and other developers gather questions and requirements for user stories.
  • Rewrote UI components to use Vue.
  • Used Git flow to establish a good team flow for deploying.

Web Application Developer - Highland Solutions

  • Created multi-tenant travel application in Laravel and MySQL along with an API.
  • Integration with external systems using APIs and flat data files.
  • Built web apps in 5-8 person distributed self-organizing agile team.
  • Created code with testability, reusability, and maintainability in mind.
  • Communicated with external clients and users to understand purpose and value.
  • Championed best practices and industry standards for team (testing, code reviews, architecture).
  • Knowledge of PCI, HIPAA, PHI, and PII compliance requirements.


Contact me via the contact page or at [email protected].