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Mental Snapshots

Think back to a time where you accomplished something you had no idea how to do or when you accomplished something and surprised yourself. If this hasn’t happened yet be on the lookout when it does happen and you successfully solve the problem create a deep mental snapshot of the wonderful feeling. Keep this in your head and refer to this when things are tough. It will help remind you that you are capable and to give yourself time.

I use this technique often. My mental snapshot I often dig up is during one of my internships, I was tasked to update a Java app. My Java experience at that time was limited to only the exercises the professors had us write. The Java app was bigger than any other app I had ever worked with. At the start of the summer my reaction was “How will I be able to do all of this?”. As the summer came to a close I ended up completing my work plus some additional items. I now use this experience as one of my mental snapshots. I refer to this when asked to things I have no immediate path or answer to.

This can be a frightening, but it’s important to take a step back and think back to your mental snapshot. This will give you the confidence to keep going and to believe in yourself. If possible break the ask down into smaller more manageable pieces. These smaller pieces will help keep your sanity as you attempt to figure out an approach.

Embrace what you don’t know and view it as an opportunity to learn, not something to be afraid of.

Simple Techniques To Influence Your Future

The future is unpredictable, however many techniques can influence your future to put you where you want to be.

Knowledge Is Power

Educate yourself. Knowledge is power.


Personal and professional networks are invaluable. Put yourself out there, talk with people.


Become a great listener. Listening well is a difficult skill to learn, but can yield amazing results. Listen a fraction longer than what feels comfortable and you will hear things you normally wouldn’t. People love to be heard.


Read blogs, books or what ever sparks your interest.

Hard Work

Put in the hard work upfront and receive the benefits later.

Positive Attitude

Use a mistake to your advantage. A mistake can be a learning opportunity to better yourself. Check and adjust.


Go out there and seize the opportunity. Don’t wait for an opportunity to find you.


“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” – Wayne Gretzky

Lastly be true to yourself. Live your life with honesty and integrity. People will feel the aura that surrounds you.

Stop Yourself From Eating Late At Night

Make a point to brush your teeth prior to late night normal eating time.

If the urge to eat occurs train yourself to brush your teeth instead.

The idea is to deter yourself from eating because:

  1. Food will taste disgusting after brushing teeth.
  2. Brushing teeth second time at night requires extra effort.


Why You Should Register For Alumni Email After Graduating

Before graduating if your school allows Alum to signup for an email address they can keep do it! There are many valuable reasons to keep a .edu address, discounts and freebies. Most perks are only temporary. Everything from Apple discounts to free web hosting. The idea behind providing perks to students are getting the students acclimated with products. Assuming the products are good this will entice the student to continue using and maybe pay for the product. Generally if discounts are offered online the single requirement is a .edu address.

If discounts and freebies sound good here are a few:



This is a fraction of what exists for students. If you have your .edu address handy search online for student discounts before buying something. Even if the discount or freebie is small in most cases it is worth it. As mentioned above sometimes simply finding the student site will yield discounts as some places don’t require proof at all.

Note: It may be against the company’s policy if not currently enrolled in school.