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Finally a new update for UFC Undisputed 2010, update 1.36.

The Update!

Fast forward to update 1.36. On the official UFC Undisputed 2010 forums, developers stated connections issues have been improved. Gameplay after the patch is much smoother. Getting an online ranked match is much easier and overall much more happy and pleased about the $60 I paid on launch day. I really hope other developers learn from the mistakes that have been made

Check out a portion of the release notes below, specifically listed is an online fix!

1. Online Multiplayer experience has been improved by optimizing ‘quick match’ search, leaderboard tracking, and better connection quality during actual MP matches.  Here’s the link to the official update post.

A mini review/background.

UFC Undisputed 2010 was first released in May. The first week didn’t stand a chance of getting any type of ranked match. Player matches, which aren’t ranked, only worked 50% of the time. Player matches aren’t much fun because the outcome isn’t recorded on your record.

I understand on release days servers take a huge load trying to support thousands of users logging on simultaneously but after a month passed on and still no patch it didn’t make any sense. Why would a developer release a game and not support their online players. On the Undisputed 10 forum people complained about these issues. Moderators were sneakily deleting the complaints. It seemed as though the staff were trying to conceal the problems.

Finally a moderator posted on the forums apologizing and said the developers were working on a patch. After the first patch was released which fixed a few fighter takedowns that couldn’t be stopped, that was nice, but still didn’t fix the ridiculous connection issues. Like I mentioned above the issues everyone was experiencing were major flaws, because it was almost impossible to play online.

I by no means have the “best” connection but I do have a 16mbps down connection, which is definitely suitable enough to play online games!