How To Fix Plex Media Server Not Recognizing Files On Separate Hard Drive

If Plex Media Server can’t find your files which are located on a separate hard drive other than the hard drive Linux is on chances are it needs to be mounted.

This how to will be focused on Ubuntu, but I believe will work on other Linux versions as well.

Most likely if you want to use the other hard drive you’ll want it to auto mount.
Auto mount will mount the hard drive on boot.

But first we need to get the Universal Unique Identifier of the drive.
In the terminal type

sudo blkid

Take note of the UUID and the Type. We’ll use this to mount the drive.
Let’s pretend my UUID is abcdefghi and type is NTFS

Next create a folder located on the same hard drive as your Linux installation.
This folder will be used as a mount point for the other hard drive.
In the terminal type

sudo mkdir /media/data

Replace data with the desire folder name to create.

Make a back up and then modify the fstab file.
This file is in charge of auto mounting
In the terminal type

sudo cp /etc/fstab /etc/fstab.old
sudo gedit /etc/fstab

The last command should launch an editor.
In the editor add a new line

UUID=abcdefghi /media/data ntfs-3g defaults,windows_names,locale=en_US.utf8 0 0

NOTE: the second and third parameters will change depending on the type we found earlier.
Visit this fstab Ubuntu link for more details and look for file system specific examples.

This mounting windows partitions from Ubuntu link helped solve my specific problem which was plex not recognizing my files which are located on a separate hard drive from my Linux installation.

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  • JoePublic

    Good find. However, this kind of thing is the reason Linux will never go mainstream and people with stick with Windoze.

    • Thank you! Yea, this sort of thing would be nice if it were taken care of already. It only has to be done once, but it would be nice to have I guess.

    • Nate Alex

      As far as I’m concerned it should stay in the background for now. I call it natural selection. Over time things like android will evolve the knowledge of the regular joe and the competentcy of tech individuals will elevate gravitating the meek ( which shall inherit) to Ubuntu or the like.

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  • Jose

    Excellent guide, I ran into the same issue with Ubuntu 14.04 and getting Plex to recognize files on mounted drives. After running through several attempted solutions, making fstab mount the drives as indicated in this guide got me up and going. Thanks!

  • Dru Smith

    And then when you reboot your computer: “the disk drive for /media/Plex is not ready yet or not present. Continue to wait or press s to skip mounting or M for manual recovery”

  • Bill Reid

    Here is a solution i tried: re-install linux (I use linux Mint) and when
    it gets to the naming part just name it “Plex” — permissions problem
    solved (well for me it worked) and I am a noob to linux but really like
    the advances since my first exposure to linux. My first exposure was
    Think linux 5.0. Hope this is helpful.

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