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Mobile App Of The Week-Flixster

Mobile App Of The Week: Movies

Movies, otherwise known as Flixster, is the best app for finding movie times at your local theater, reviews, and trailers all in one place. It’s an extremely nice app to have while deciding which movie to watch on-the-go.

Flixster on the surface is geared towards box office movies, but there is another tab called DVD for browsing details of older movies as well.

After opening the app it displays movies opening this week with main actors, rating, movie length and rotten tomato score. If you click click a particular movie you get the option to play trailer, get showtimes, view photos and to add your own rating. The most frequent feature I’ve used is get showtimes. Flixster will find your location and use it to find nearby theaters with showtimes for that particular movie.

Flixster was kind enough to make the app tablet friendly and allow you to manage your Netflix queue. On a tablet movies are listed on the left while you browse the details of movies.

I’ve had great experience with using Flixster and I highly recommend for anyone looking for a movie app.

App Name: Movies (Flixster)
Developer: Flixster Inc.
Cost: Free!

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