For me it’s difficult to retain and grasp the programming concept, especially if it’s new, if I don’t understand the why behind the concept. I didn’t  understand how to properly use AJAX in WordPress. I started searching google and found ...
Mobile App of the Week
Movies, otherwise known as Flixster, is the best app for finding movie times at your local theater, reviews, and trailers all in one place. It’s an extremely nice app to have while deciding which movie to watch on-the-go.
Here’s an interesting website that displays the current natural disasters and emergencies throughout the world.
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In this guide I’ll show you how to use one JavaScript function to slide any HTML element up and down with JQuery by simply sending the JavaScript function the id of an element.
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I’m starting a new series  “Mobile App of The Week”. Each week I will review a Mobile App. The new series will feature many different types of mobile applications. App Name: Google Voice
Google+ invites who wants one? Leave a comment with your Gmail to get an invite!  
US Cellular has released the Android 2.2 (Froyo) update for the US Cellular HTC Desire
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Connecting to WPA2 Enterprise even if Android doesn’t officially support it. There isn’t a lot of documentation on this for Android so I thought I would make a step-by-step how-to. Here’s how to connect your Android phone to a WPA2 ...
US Cellular Desire update is now here as of 2/8. More information Update: US Cellular has released Android 2.2 (Froyo) for the Acclaim. You can download the Samsung Acclaim update here! They have also pushed back the date for the Desire. ...
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I recently stumbled upon an awesome website, which tells the story about a women who loses an extreme amount of money to scams. H Commerce stands for hacker commerce. defines H Commerce as: “To  make money from the ...