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Connect Android to a WPA2 Enterprise Wireless Network

Connecting to WPA2 Enterprise even if Android doesn’t officially support it.

There isn’t a lot of documentation on this for Android so I thought I would make a step-by-step how-to.

Here’s how to connect your Android phone to a WPA2 Enterprise wireless network.

Click on any of the pictures to enlarge them.

Step One: At main screen hit the menu button and select settings.


Step Two: Select “Wireless & networks”


Step Three: Select “Wi-Fi settings”


Step Four: Select the network desired. Notice it doesn’t explicitly say WPA2 enterprise wireless network.


Step Five: You may or may not get a dialog box asking for credential password. If you already have a credential password enter it now. If you don’t have a credential password create one. If it asks you for a WEP key don’t be discouraged enter any WEP key then hit enter. You will either be prompted with the credential box or the info in step 6 screen shot.

android-wpa2-wireless-tutorial-05 android-wpa2-wireless-tutorial-06

Step Six: If it asks you for a WEP key don’t be discouraged enter any WEP key then hit enter. You will be asked for EAP method, Phase 2 authentication, Identity, Anonymous Identity, and wireless password. In order to find which settings are accurate you could either play with settings until it works or you could use an already connected laptop to find EAP method and Phase 2 authentication. The identity field is same as username, but you should put your domain name first then “\” without quotes. For example mine might be xyz\nick if my domain name was xyz. Leave Anonymous identity blank and wireless password will be the password for your username.


If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment or send me an email at [email protected]!

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  • Awesome, that worked great for me too! Thanks for sharing!

  • Ramir Racelis

    great…. thanks it works for me


  • Tony

    Perfect! Thank you for your help!

    • Praveen Lobo

      recently bought samsung galaxy Ace, it is not able to connect to WPA2 enterprise. once it got connected  but after  some time it showed “Error”. Then on “turning on” wi-fi did not help much. What is the problem? I tried many things but it isnt working now. At home I dont see any issues. Not sure whats the problem.

      • Does the error message say anything besides “Error” and which version of Android is the galaxy Ace running?

  • Roger Damo

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Randy

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S(I9000).
    To install the certificate I renamed .pfx extension to .p12 and dropped the file in the root folder of my phone’s sd card.

  • Logda

    thanks a lot

  • Nakshatra

    Hey.. Thanks a log. 🙂

  • Eaintchuhlaing

    could you kindly please help me with the android tablet ? Thank you so much in advance. 

    • Which tablet are you using and version of Android?

  • thanks, this works

  • Katiegorman

    what is the wep password for samsung galaxy plus

    • The wep password is the password for the wifi you’re trying to get on. Can you elaborate a little more please and I can possibly help you :).

  • I couldn’t get it to work with an HTC Evo 4g

  • Ankush Agarwal

    Hey. Thanks for the description of the method. This was the method that I was using until recently. Now the configuration has been changed to WPA2 Enterprise AES. Encryption is AES and EAP Method is None. Credential type is Username/Password so I can connect using WPA2 connection as there’s no username field. Any ideas as to how I can connect to the network?

    • Wy555

      I have the same problem as yours. Have you found a way for WPA2 Enterprise with AES  encryption?
      MSCHAPv2 does not seems to be saved in Authentication Mtd 2

    • I’m unsure at this time. I haven’t ran into this issue. If you figure it out. I’d like to hear about it!

  • Guy Incognito

    Thanks for the steps. I couldn’t get connected so I looked to see if there was a way and saw your blog. I followed the instructions and got connected. I actually was doing it right but I had typed in the SSID wrong. It wasn’t until I read this and slowed down to follow each step I noticed my mistake. I wasn’t sure if LEAP would even work, so thanks for the help!
    Keep up the good work!

  • Marc_david50

    if my sister turn on the Portable Wi-Fi hotspot then i will connect but i can use internet?

  • LAWALFX2009

    thanks for the information. BUT DO I CONFIGURE STATIC IP ,SUBNET,DNS tec ON MY ANDROID PHONE.

  • Bernard Gyamfi

    u are truly proffessional good job man

  • Topher

    Nick, I have been using this method and my phone finds our network fine but it never gets an ip address.  It says its obtaining ip address but then just cycles through over and over never connecting.  Have you ever run across this?  Same method works fine for those here that have an iphone so I thought it was an enterprise issue.

    • I’ve encountered this issue with a non enterprise network. I was typing the the password wrong. If there is a show password button make sure to push that so you can actually see if you are typing in the correct information. Let me know how it goes!

      • Topher

        Ya I’ve tried several times making sure the password is right and just tried again.  I put in my login domain and password, and when I hit connect it also asks for a wep password which I have.  should it be asking for both?  I am on a motorola atrix with the latest version of android for Bell in Canada.  2.3.6 I think.  I have all the other settings correct per my laptop connection.  I’m stumped.

  • Mail

    Worked the first time.  Thank you.

  • David Longstreth

    Worked! Thanks for posting this!

  • Coolguy

    Hi I m also using the same settings but my Phase 2 Authentication doesn’t save and i m not able to connect in Samsung galaxy Y. Can u plz help me to come up….

  • Enchantedsun

    Really glad to have found this guide: thank you! Just one quick question: What version(s) of Android does this work for? Thanks again!

  • Civilclerk1

    When I type in a password it doesn’t do anything else. Am I missing something? It doesn’t come up with the configuration utility

    • What OS version are you running?

      • civilclerk1

        I am using Android 4.1.2

      • civilclerk1

        Sorry Nick I didn’t see the response until now.

  • Micky Duncan
  • Madhavi

    hi i have done the same settings for my samsung galaxy tablet and phone even then i am not able to connect. it is showing some authentication error. please help me for the same

    • Did you make sure to put in your domain before your username?

  • Tom

    I followed these instructions for my chromebook and it worked! Thank you good sir

  • civilclerk1

    I have the Samsung Galaxy SIII and have followed the steps above. It also asks for a CA certificate and User certificate. Currently they say unspecified. Should I be putting anything in there? After it is saved it just says not in range. I know I am putting in the right info including domain name and user name. Any ideas?

    • I didn’t have to give a certificate. After you entered in everything it should work. Otherwise it could be something related to the network you’re using. Maybe the network requires something extra.

      • civilclerk1

        I have programmed many iPhones and had no problem but when it comes to the Android it stops me in my tracks so I know it has to be something with bypassing the WPA Enterprise security and Android. Please help.

  • mr rowland

    worked for me thanks!!!

  • Akshay

    Great article. My Binatone router is stuck on WPA2 Enterprise Authentication only , so I don’t have much option but to connect my Sony Xperia P jellybean through WPA2 Enterprise only. I am unable to connect my phone with it.

    My queries where to find the username and password to be filled in identity section ? Is it same as PPoea in router configuration option ?

    • I would try to do a reset on your router. Keep in mind doing a recent on the router will erase all your settings. WPA2 enterprise is overkill on a home network.

  • Person123

    My device does not actually display the network, but other computers and ipads do.

  • hatasoy

    I can connect Ipad and after change “search domains” , and also I can connect with Network using Android.. But I cant see and change parameters. How should I change “Search Domains” paramter??

    • atasoyh

      I need change DNS Suffix ?

  • civilclerk1

    I tried this and it didn’t work

    • What version of Android are you on? Are you sure it’s a WPA2 Enterprise network? Do you have the correct information? It took sometime for me to figure out what the proper information was because my school didn’t list the information at the time.

      • civilclerk1

        Yes I am sure everything is being put in correctly. I am on version 4.1.2. I have set up many iphones with our company and had no problems. Android doesn’t let me connect.

        • Touqeer

          I have the same problem with my andriod 4.2.2
          It couldn.t conect to WAP/WAP2 enterprise networks

  • Sam

    am on nexus 4S, it says network not in range, though on iPhone am getting phone signal, please help

  • NIrmal

    Love u very very much… for the help….

  • Conradino

    What is domain name please.

  • Teen Inquirer

    I have 802.1x EAP but when the username/password screen come up it still says 802.1X EAP rather then enterprise as security. I went through different combinations of EAP method and phase 2 authentication but none of them seem to work. Any advice/help? I’d really appreciate it.

  • Atif

    amazing !!! worked like charm

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  • MWB21

    Thanks for this, one question: What is a domain name and where can I find it?

  • Ajay

    It shows that password i entered is incorrect. Although it is correct.Any suggestions?

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